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Emirates Scholar Research Center announce 7 scientific journals in 2023

Emirates Scholar Research Center announces 7 scientific journals in 2023
Emirates Scholar announce 5 scientific journals during its 3rd Annual Board of trustees Meeting The president of ESRC Dr. Firas Habbal addressed the importance of Emirates Scholar, its mission and vision. The Emirates Scholar Center for Studies and Research helps improve scientific research in the United Arab Emirates and surrounding Arab countries. It works with government agencies, public organizations, businesses, and academic experts, Dr. Firas Habbal said. Mr Ali Al Abdullah member of board of trustees emphasized on ESRC role in improving and complying to United Arab Emirates research vision – I am proud of what Emirate Scholar has achieved during its early years and proved its position among international research center- he said .

Emirates Scholar Research Center helps improve scientific research in the United Arab Emirates and surrounding Arab countries. (The president of ESRC)
At the opening remarks the host pleased to welcome the board of trustees and other participants for the continued services. In attendees included LT. G. Waleed Al Manaai, Khalid Al Ali, Ali Al Abdullah, Dr. Mariam Matar, Abdullah Al Zaabi and, other advisory board members, VIP Guests and Geminos Group’s team (Geminos Group is the parent company of Emirates Scholar Research Center). The president and founder of UAE GDA Dr. Mariam Matar addressed, about UAEGDA and the initiatives and successes. Through the UAEGDA initiative we supported families from 17 different nationalities, Added. The director general of Emirates Scholar Dr. Fawaz Habbal presents the annual report and achievements and successes of ESRC during 2022. Furthermore, he presented the presentation on upcoming conferences for the year 2023 in which we will launch the new version of Emirates Scholar platform with new features.

Emirates Scholar Research Center is pleased to announce the launch of a 2 new open access journal titled as Emirati Journal of Environment, Sustainability, and Climate Change, And Emirati Journal of Nano materials and Advanced Technologies. Both journals brings together emerging technologies for adaptive smart structures, including advanced materials, smart actuation, sensing and control, to pursue the progressive adoption of the major scientific achievements in this multidisciplinary field. By those additions ESRC will be publishing in total 7 journals in the fields of Business, Economy, Digital transformation, Policing, Law, Media & Art, and Medicine applications.

The journal covers a wide range of application areas spanning from innovative flexible and topology optimized aircraft wing structures based on complaint and rigid-body mechanisms, to smart actuators, sensors, and control strategies for adaptive noise and vibration control. Focus is also given to reliability and safety-related issues for future aircraft applications.

During meeting Dr. Fawaz Habbal and Mr Khalid Al Ali and Dr. Hatem Abu Shammala signed MOU of partnership between Dr. Hatem and Emirates Scholar Research Center and present a memorial shield to Dr. Hatem Abu Shammala for the new beginning.


Ministry of Education supports the UAE’s leading higher education fair! & H.E. Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan visits Najah Abu Dhabi!

Najah Abu Dhabi continues with its second day of its 16th addition at ADNEC, addressing the needs of high school and postgraduate students from across the UAE.

After a resounding success on its first day, Najah Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s leading higher education fair supported by the Ministry of Education, was graced by H.E. Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, Cabinet Member and Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was also attended by H.E. Dr Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, the Minister of Education in the UAE; H.E. Akio Isomata, Ambassador of Japan to the UAE; and ambassadors and senior representatives of participating countries. Taking place in Halls 7 and 8 at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) until 18 October with another leg from 23-25 October in Hall 4 at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), Najah has been dedicated to providing students and parents with the most important tools and knowledge they need when curating their higher education journey.

H.E. Dr Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, UAE Minister of Education, highlighted that the UAE, under the directives of its wise leadership, embraces a strategic vision to sustain the future and quality of education. It also devotes its efforts to spreading knowledge and global educational models to build an educated and creative generation, in line with the national strategy to prepare the UAE for the next 50 years through innovation, leadership, competitiveness, and a knowledge-based economy according to the best international practices.

Najah has been dedicated to providing students and parents with the most important tools and knowledge they need when curating their higher education journey.

For high school or postgraduate students looking to venture into academic research, Najah has partnered with Emirates Scholar Research Centre, a platform where like-minded users with similar interests in data, experiments, theories, and journals can connect and can get their work published or even funded.


Emirates Scholar Research Center takes part of the Success Hub at Najah Abu Dhabi

Najah Abu Dhabi continues with its second day of its 16th addition at ADNEC, addressing the needs of high school and postgraduate students from across the UAE.

This year, Najah is returned with its new feature, The Success Hub, which is built to inspire and empower prospective students with the knowledge and tools they need to carve their individual university path. An interesting line-up of topics such as breaking down the Ivy League, choosing one’s dream university, preparing for interviews, acing applications, getting a scholarship or even a side hustle, and honing public speaking skills, to name a few, will be discussed through a set of panel discussions, workshops, and keynote speeches.

The second day of the exhibition witnessed several different topics at the Success Hub. Dr. Fawaz Habbal, the CEO of Emirates Scholar Research Center, during his speech, explained the role of the Emirates Scholar Research Center and its impact on the practical field. And how it works as an integrated virtual scientist specialized and directed to scientific research services. He pointed out that innovation and creativity are the foundations on which the UAE was built to consolidate its global position among developed countries.

At the end of his speech, he stressed the importance of Najah for giving the opportunity for its visitors to learn about scholarship opportunities, admissions, study abroad, and alumni experiences among many other important topics to help them in making the crucial decision of where and what to study.


Emirates Scholar Research Center announces the launching of its Mobile Application at Najah Abu Dhabi

The 16th edition of the Najah Abu Dhabi Exhibition 2022, the largest education fair in the UAE, kicked off on Sunday October 16 and will run until October 18.

Emirates Scholar Research Center, along with More than 100 universities from over 20 countries have gathered at a higher education fair in the UAE capital to guide prospective university students and their parents in curating their higher education journey.

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre welcomed thousands of students where they had the opportunity to learn about topics like research, scholarships, admissions and future career paths. The exhibition provided a strong platform for students to meet with leading higher education institutions from around the world, including UAE, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Spain, Italy and more.

Emirates Scholar Research Center was excited to announce the launching of its mobile application on this day! We’ve not only rebuilt the new Flagship app from scratch, but we have taken everything you love and more to develop a mobile experience that is more intuitive, smarter and dramatically simplifies your experience.

Emirates Scholar Research Center is committed to helping UAE-based students achieve their scientific vision. Those who are visiting the exhibition will have the chance to discover what’s possible in the research world today – and get up to 5,000 USD as research fund!

For faculty members, postgraduate students, or researchers aiming to advance their academic research skills, Emirates Scholar Research Centre is looking forward to see you all in the remaining days in Abu Dhabi, to learn more about the opportunities and the benefits, and connecting scholars with like-minded users, allowing them to seek knowledge through networking and studying.

It also gives them free access to all research directories as well, and will allow them to publish their manuscripts in refereed and indexed journals – or even get it funded for further developments.

Designed for school counsellors and educators, there will also be a School Counsellors Forum. The forum will dissect various higher education topics and trends, creating valuable networking and learning opportunities from some of the top names in the industry.

The fun of engaging with friends and colleagues is a huge part of the education journey – building synergy and chemistry along the way. Whether competitive or collaborative, the Board Games Club, a first time ever feature, will develop critical thinking, problem solving, analytical skills, time management and many more essentials that will contribute to future success.

One of the participating UAE institutions, Abu Dhabi University’s (ADU), is showcasing its diverse academic programs, scholarships and other key initiatives during its participation.

The university is previewing its attained accreditations and achievements across the education sector, including the latest ranking where it came in third place amongst other higher education institutions in the country.


ESRC announces the granting of 500,000 AED Scholarship at Najah 2022!

After its success in Abu Dhabi last week, and with 14,207 visitors, Najah continues in Dubai.

H.E. Mr. Butti Saeed Al Ghandi, Vice-Chairman of Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) officially opened Najah Dubai, the UAE’s leading higher education fair. Taking place in Hall 4 at DWTC. Students and parents are urged to take advantage of this last chance to access the wealth of knowledge and resources provided by the more than 80 participating universities and exhibitors from more than 15 different countries at the event.

Najah makes sure that students have access to the tools they need to help them plan their higher education journey, including information on admissions, counseling, scholarship opportunities, study abroad options, alumni experiences, and more. This comes after last week's successful Abu Dhabi leg, which attracted 14,207 unique visitors. Parents and students who attended the fair's Abu Dhabi edition last week attested to how important it was in helping them make decisions about which university to go for their higher education.

Emirates Scholar Research Center found this as huge opportunity to target and encourage students, researchers, and scholars, to write academic research, as following the vision of UAE for the next 50 years in supporting Scientific Research in the country.

Najah 2022 was a huge opportunity for Emirates Scholar Research Center to support the future generation in achieving their career success, which was one of the key initiatives during its participation. Emirates Scholar Reseearch Center announced its contribution to the young talents by granting up to 500,000 AED scholarship for the academic year 2022-2023!


The president of Emirates Scholar Research Center, Dr. Firas Habbal, took part of Najah’s Success Hub!

The second day of Najah Dubai's 16th extension at the Dubai World Trade Center continues to serve the needs of high school and postgraduate students from across the UAE. This year, Najah is back with a brand-new feature called The Success Hub that was created to inspire and equip prospective students with the information and resources they need to forge their own academic paths. Through a series of panel discussions, workshops, and keynote speeches, a variety of intriguing subjects will be covered, including deconstructing the Ivy League, selecting one's dream university, preparing for interviews, acing applications, getting a scholarship or even a side gig, and honing public speaking abilities, to name a few. The Success Hub hosted several different discussions on the second day of the exhibition. In his lecture, Dr. Firas Habbal, president of the Emirates Scholar Research Center, described the center's mission and how it affects the real world. And how it functions as a virtual scientist that is integrated and focused on providing services for scientific research. He emphasized the value of Najah's potential for visitors to learn about scholarship opportunities, admissions, study abroad, and alumni experiences, among many other critical issues, to aid students in making the important decision of where and what to study when he concluded his address.


Emirates Scholar Research Center held “Introductory Workshop on Scientific Research and Digital Transformation in Education” for Saif Bin Zayed Academy For Police Science And Security.

Saif Bin Zayed Academy ​for Security & Policing Sciences organized an introductory workshop following with practical workshop with the Emirates Scholar Research Center on August 31, 2022 entitled with “Introductory Workshop on Scientific Research and Digital Transformation in Education.”

Dr. Fawaz Habbal, President of Emirates Scholar Research Center, gave an overview of the ESRC and its importance, as well as his vision to enhance the position of the United Arab Emirates in scientific research. Followed by Dr. Firas Habbal, Editor-in-Chief of the Emirates Scholar Research Center, represented about the importance of scientific research, and how to conduct it in its own way. After that, a practical workshop was held with the attendees, where they exchanged new ideas and topics that inspire them and arouse their interest to conduct research on/

Dr. Firas confirmed that the Emirates Scholar Research Center is always ready to guide and assist them in their scientific field. The main objective of the workshop was to help members motivate, encourage, and assist them and support scientific research on behalf of the country.

Colonel Dr. Saeed Al Khaili mentioned that Abu Dhabi Police also looks forward to the continuous cooperation with Emirates Scholar Research Center in order to promote an innovative vision that supports the research and development environment.

After that, a meeting took place between the Emirates Research Center’s team and the Major General Thani Butti Al Shamsi where shieldswere exchanged in recognition of the joint support and continued fruitful cooperation.

At the end of the meeting, Emirates Research Center team emphasized the permanent cooperation and providing innovative solutions that reflect the modern image of the United Arab Emirates.


Memorandum Of Understanding Signature Ceremony between Curtin University and Emirates Scholar Research Center


A memorandum of understanding has been signed in Dubai by Curtin University Dubai and Emirates Scholar Research Center, with the aim of enhancing scientific research and knowledge cooperation and benefiting from the accumulated scientific and research experiences on both sides, as well as supporting the means of partnership between them in the various fields of science and research.

The memorandum was signed by, Professor John Evans, the Pro Vice Chancellor of Curtin University, and Dr. Firas Habbal, the President of Emirates Scholar Research Center. It took place in the presence of the Mr. Khaled Abdalla, a board member of Emirates Scholar Research Center, and from the same party, Dr. Fawaz Habbal, president of Geminos Group, Mr. Yaser Masri, Geminos Group Executive Director, and Ms. Carla Sarkis, Business Development Executive and from Curtin University, Dubai Mr. Salih Ismail, Program Coordinator, College of Information Technology and Engineering.

The areas of cooperation between the two parties include exchanging information and experience, organizing joint scientific and research events, including conferences, seminars, workshops and lectures, and exchanging publications.

Dr. Firas, President of Emirates Scholar Research Center, stressed the importance of this MoU as it enhances the strategic partnership between the Emirates Scholar Research Center and Curtin University in Dubai, which is considered one of the leading scientific and academic institutions in the country.

He added that areas of cooperation outlined in the MoU focus on benefiting from the scientific capabilities of ESRC recruits who will acquire scientific specializations and postgraduate studies through training, qualifying, and refining their skills in many practical fields that prepare them for scientific research. He further added that research also facilitates access to new scientific horizons and knowledge, which in return, will improve the intellectual capabilities of researchers, providing them with the opportunity to work with experts, and benefit from their experience and ideas.

“Today, we are making new progress through this memorandum, which aims to enhance the contribution of scientific research and modern science to sustainable economic development efforts based on knowledge, innovation, and technology, “said Professor John!

“This memorandum emphasize on the importance of the Curtin University’s ambition in preparing a strong group of UAE National researchers capable of serving the country vision, while providing innovative solutions in logistic, technical and social areas.” he added.

“The memorandum seeks to enhance the means of research and scientific cooperation between the two sides in many fields, to achieve their goals of supporting scientific research, expanding knowledge and experience, diversifying their sources, and to serve the community at its best.

We look forward during the coming period to achieving the maximum benefit from the outputs of this memorandum and its contribution to developing the scientific research in the UAE. ” Mentioned Dr. Fawaz.

Finally, both assured that the signing of the memorandum of understanding and cooperation establishes distinguished relations between the two parties and expands the knowledge base to benefit from the experiences of both sides in all areas of common interest, indicating that cooperation between them would contribute significantly to develop informed and sustainable visions and plans that serve the mission of scientific research


إطلاق ثلاث مجلات علمية في مجالات القانون والإدارة والتحول الرقمي

أطلق مركز باحثي الإمارات للبحوث والدراسات ثلاثة مجلات علمية في مجالات القانون والإدارة والتحول الرقمي، المجلة الأولى والمعنية بالأعمال والاقتصاد والدراسات الاجتماعية “EJBESS” والتي تهدف إلى تشجيع البحث النظري وتطبيقاته في مجال اقتصاديات الأعمال وإدارة الأعمال والإدارة ، والاقتصاد ، والدراسات الاجتماعية ، وتعزيز تبادل الأفكار بين العلم والممارسة ، بالإضافة إلى العمل النظري والتجريبي الأصلي التي تناقش أحدث نتائج الأبحاث المعاصرة التي يمكن استخدامها بشكل مباشر وغير مباشر في معالجة القضايا البحثية ومشاركة المعرفة المتقدمة.

أما المجلة الثانية فأٌطلق عليها اسم المجلة الإماراتية لدراسات العلوم التقنية في المجالات القانونية والشرطية “EJPSS” وتسعى إلى تشجيع ممارسي الشرطة والباحثين الأكاديميين على تقديم مقالات للنشر تركز على أحدث الابتكارات التقنية للخدمات الشرطية في العالم الحقيقي مثل الجرائم الإلكترونية والاجراءات الحكومية والإدارة القانونية والتوثيق الرقمي والمشاركة العامة والأمن المجتمعي لتعزيز جميع المعارف في المجالات المختلفة والجوانب المتنوعة في العلوم القانونية والشرطية.

المجلة الثالثة وهي المجلة الدولية للأتمتة والتحول الرقمي والأبحاث العلمية “IJADT” وتستهدف التحديات والفرص لتطوير البرمجيات والبرامج التي تلبي أفضل الممارسات وتجسدها في التطبيقات المؤسسية، بالإضافة إلى أتمتة عمليات الروبوتات وروبوتات البرمجيات وتهدف أيضاً إلى دراسة النماذج الجديدة والأنماط الناجحة للتحول الرقمي، وعلاقة الابتكار والممارسات المبتكرة بالتحول الرقمي.

وبهذا الصدد يقول د. فراس حبال الرئيس الأكاديمي للمركز: “المنصة الإلكترونية وبوابة باحثي الإمارات Emirates Scholar هي فرصة ذهبية للباحثين للتواصل والتسجيل للحصول على بطاقة عضوية تسمح لهم بالوصول إلى كل الدراسات والأبحاث والأوراق البحثية المنشورة، والنشر الأكاديمي في مختلف المجلات العلمية والعالمية، وقد حرصت البوابة على تسجيل وفهرسة المجلة في أهم وأرقى قواعد الفهرسة العلمية مثل Google Scholar , Science Open, Clarivate, CrossRef التي بدورها تعنى بفهرسة وتحكيم المجلات ونشرها دولياً لتعود بالفائدة على الباحثين والتأكيد على أهمية تلك المجلات في دراسة أهم الموضوعات العلمية المعاصرة.

الجدير بالذكر مركز باحثي الإمارات للبحوث والدراسات تأسس لتحمل مسؤولية تطوير البحوث في الإمارات العربية المتحدة والمنطقة العربية بشكل عام إلى جانب المساهمة في تطوير البحث العلمي ونشر الأبحاث العلمية وخدمة الباحثين والمراكز البحثية داخل الدولة.

ويضيف د.حبال: “يقوم المركز بأتمتة الخدمات ودعم التقنيات البحثية مع تزايد الترابط بين العالم الرقمي وصفحات التواصل الاجتماعي عن طريق بوابة بحثية ذكية “” بمفهوم بحثي متخصص لتربط بين الباحثين في الدولة والعالم وتأكيداً على رؤية الإمارات 2021.


اللجنة المنظمة لـ«مؤتمر الحضارة والفنون الإسلامية» تواصل الاستعداد

تواصل اللجنة المنظمة للمؤتمر الدولي العاشر للجمعية العربية للحضارة والفنون الإسلامية، والذي تستضيفه دبي في الفترة من 24 وحتى 27 الجاري، تحت رعاية الشيخ جمعة بن مكتوم بن جمعة آل مكتوم، بمشاركة «مركز باحثي الإمارات» استعداداتها للحدث الدولي الكبير الذي سيحظى بمشاركة 150 أستاذاً جامعياً وخبيراً يمثلون دولاً عدة، وتحت عنوان «الفن وحوار الحضارات – تحديات الحاضر والمستقبل»، وسيقدمون فيه القيم العلمية والثقافية التي تليق بدور وقيمة فاعليات الجمعية العربية للحضارة والفنون الإسلامية في كل الدول التي استضافت النسخ السابقة.

من جانبه، أكد الدكتور فراس حبال، رئيس مركز باحثي الإمارات، أهمية التعاون مع كل الهيئات الثقافية والتراثية في الإمارات، تقديراً للدور الحضاري للدولة في إثراء الحضارة العربية الإسلامية بالمؤلفات والدراسات القيّمة التي تحتل مكانة متميزة يدركها الجميع ينبغي التنويه بها وإلقاء الضوء عليها، موضحاً أن الاهتمام المتواصل بالتراث الحضاري وما يواجهه من تحديات يتمثل بالثنائية المعروفة بالتراث والحداثة وما يعكسه من مواقف أيديولوجية مختلفة تنبه إلى أهمية تحقيق التواصل بين الماضي والحاضر والمستقبل، مع حتمية تجاوز الماضي وضرورة الاعتراف بالتنوع والاختلاف واحترام الرأي الآخر، من أجل مسايرة ركب التقدم والتطور الحضاري.

 وبين الدكتور فراس حبال، أنّ دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة تمتلك العديد من الجوانب المضيئة والتي ضربت أعظم الأمثلة في الكثير من المواقف الرائدة التي كانت فيها الإمارات مثالاً للعروبة، حيث مشروعاتها الاقتصادية والخيرية التي عمت أرجاء المعمورة منذ المؤسس الشيخ زايد بن سلطان، طيب الله ثراه.

وأشار إلى الجهود التي تبذلها دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة في المحافظة على التراث الحضاري وسبل إظهار الوجه الحضاري المشرق لحضارتنا وقيمنا وتراثنا في جميع المحافل العلمية والفنية وما لها من معاهد متخصصة في التراث ومتاحف أصبحت الآن تنافس المتاحف العالمية القديمة والمعاصرة.

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