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304 Block B, Empire Heights

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Dr. Fawaz Habbal

Dr. Fawaz Habbal is an Assistant Professor has a PHD in E-Government Applications and Business Information Technologies and his main specialization is Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Business Innovative Technologies. His research interests span both Computer Applications, Artificial Intelligence in data prediction and Data Science. Throughout his academic experience as well as his work as IT Director for Fujairah Government and General Manager of Group of Innovative Solutions, he has worked with several public and private sectors between UAE, SPAIN, KSA, JORDAN, & MOROCCO to manage, develop and produce many intelligent projects and solutions which focus on improving the performance of advanced computer systems, application of data mining, Customer satisfaction statistics, and business performance evaluation. In addition, Dr. Habbal was elevated to IEEE fellow for his contribution to artificial recognition identification and on 2018 his work with the Ministry of Infrastructure Development was awarded best innovative project globally during ISARC 2018.
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