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What You [DREAM] We Create

We are a team of software development experts and one of the largest independent end-to-end IT companies with more than 20 years of cross-industry expertise, proud to be partners to upper-scale public sector agencies and leading players in the business sector.

We leverage years of international experience with our unique expertise, confirmed by the success of wide-ranging projects in IT consulting and integration, system and product engineering, and business process transformation.

With the most versatile expertise under our belt, we are ready to step in at any development stage to deliver high-performance solutions for multiple industries and for any business size.

Advisory and Consulting

A good outset is half the way. We can help you compose a concept, create a solution architecture, and determine the guiding principles so that the project can reach the delivery stage running smoothly.

Hardware Management

OTR helps you procure, configure, and integrate the right VR hardware setup. We can build a custom simulator for special tasks, such as test drives or exhibition presentations.

Full-cycle VR App Development

Our experts can guide your project development through all stages of a successful pipeline from establishing a project scope to deployment and delivery.

Creative Content Creation

We ensure full-presence and immersiveness of your solution with custom content: 360-degree images and videos, interactive objects, 3D animation, high poly models, spatial sound, etc.
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